Hoya Innovation established Dynamic Jet Engineering Australia in 2020 as the Australasian representative office of Israel based Dynamic Jet Engineering Ltd. (DJE) which was  founded in 2004 as an aerospace company offering a one stop shop for configuration changes, upgrades and mission adaptation projects for a variety of platforms. DJE is ISO 9001-2008/AS9100 Rev. C licensed for the design and development of aircraft conversion and modifications, upgrades of aviation systems for civil & military aviation and management of installations.

Dynamic Jet Engineering caters to the global defence, homeland security, first responder and civilian markets and specializes in the design, analysis, installation and certification of aerial, seaborne and ground platforms. Our services address full client needs including prototype design, training and certification from leading regulators such as the FAA and EASA.

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This technical expertise and rich experience are now being leveraged by us in Australia to provide clients with innovative technological solutions that address environmental, commercial and social challenges.

Our global network allows Dynamic Jet Engineering Australia to provide tailor made, sophisticated technological solutions for impact projects with stringent requirements. Our capabilities include the design of mission-oriented air, ground and water-based systems.  

Dynamic Jet Engineering Australia provides turnkey project services for a wide range of platforms including planes, helicopters, drones, ships, boats and ground-based vehicles through the conversion of any  generic commercial air, sea or land platform into a specific mission-oriented platform defined by unique customer requirements.


Systems Engineering Services

Design and retrofit of air, land & aquatic commercial platforms into mission oriented platforms dictated by specific client operational requirements.

Structural Analysis: loads & stress analysis, static stress analysis, metallic structures, vibration & dynamics, finite elements modeling, thermal analysis, fatigue & damage tolerance

Helicopter Upgrades: SAR configurations, special missions, self-protection suits, weapons & avionics

Special Mission Aircraft: Reconnaissance & surveillance, maritime patrol, mapping & environment control, configuration field surveys, systems design & integration, hardware & software solutions, design & production, wiring harnesses, wiring routing design & implementation, RFI/EMI compatible design (testing and analysis), special systems packaging

Production & Installation Services: Full coverage of the different stages of the project life cycle

Innovative, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS): help desk, on-site support, periodical health checks, all Levels of repair, spares and supply support, obsolescence management, refurbishments and upgrades, operation and maintenance training

Virtual Training Systems (VTS): an innovative virtual and visual training system which is simple to use and guarantees fast interactive learning, zero training errors and cost effectiveness

Remote Maintenance by Augmented Reality: A unique maintenance tool that enables remote live-video and live-audio support, based on cutting-edge augmented reality technology. This will allow you and your team to remotely connect with field-technicians, using a powerful annotation toolset, and complete any maintenance work quickly and accurately