Hoya Innovation is a one stop shop for high end corporate security solutions including Eavesdropping Proof Safe Rooms (also known as SCIF, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and cyber expertise.  

We are the exclusive representatives in Australia of one of the world’s leading players in the corporate security industry. 


Our technology is a combat proven solution applied in Israel’s most sensitive security installations for several decades with unparalleled  operational expertise put to the test on a day to day basis. Our list of clients includes Government / State entities, R&D facilities, international embassies and private sector corporates such as manufacturers, banks and insurance companies.

Our SCIF takes into account a holistic counter-surveillance operational approach making it a solution more in tune with the needs of the premium market with more sophisticated operational needs. 

We  leverage technologies / methodologies developed and implemented for government level requirements and apply them to the corporate boardroom, catering to the particular needs of a premium business environment while offering the same nation-state level security.


Our value proposal is not a once off solution but rather an ongoing operational methodology service that can be calibrated to an increasing or decreasing level of external & internal threats, thus bringing peace of mind to senior management.  This approach can be translated into two layers of service:


1. Design and oversight of SCIF construction + technical support and training for local staff.

2. Ongoing periodical validation & inspection services of client facility/facilities.


In terms of cyber security, our in-house cyber team brings to Australia expertise derived from years of experience within the Israeli security apparatus  with world class expertise in areas such as system architecture and design, data security, scalability, advanced nation-critical high capacity signal intelligence systems  and advanced cyber technologies. 

We provide tailor made client solutions for organizations and governments such as:

  • Commercialization, technological and productization services for cyber technology developers

  • Corporate risk & threat assessment: organisational culture, assets, infrastructure (both physical and digital) and everything in between

  • Security education and awareness programs: organisational digital/virtual security as well as physical security

  • Development of emergency readiness plans for organisational resilience

In the cyber domain, our global list of clients includes Government agencies, healthcare providers, financial institutions, hedge funds, security printing enterprises, startups, private investors and senior

C-level managers.